Report Copyright Violation

In accordance with the IncrediMail Terms and Conditions, we will remove from the IncrediMail Web Gallery any "Content" which includes Letters, Animations, Sounds, Ecards or Notifiers that infringe copyrights, publicity rights, privacy rights or other intellectual property rights.

If you would like to report content posted on the IncrediMail Web site that infringes your rights and request its removal, click here.

In the report, please provide:

  • Your name and personal email address.
  • The complete URL of each image.
  • Some evidence demonstrating that you own the rights to the images listed above, for example:
    • Your watermark or logo embedded in the image.
    • A link to a Web site that you operate that demonstrates ownership (such as an artist's site).
    • The name of a publication which contains the image.

We investigate reported infringements and take appropriate action within 5 business days after receipt of infringement notices.

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