IncrediMail Plus



Bring Your Email to an Entirely New Level


Backup all your emails, attachments, contacts, and your entire email history.

VIP Support

Get exclusive 24/7 support directly from your email application.

Ad Blocker

Block all ads from your outgoing emails and IncrediMail mailbox.

"I really love IncrediMail Plus! I'm having loads of fun mixing and matching skins to different moods and events and different notifiers to different people from my contact list."

Lisa Martin

"My favorite IncrediMail Plus feature is IncrediBackup. I use my IncrediMail for my business and it's good to know all my work is safe."

John Reid

More IncrediMail Plus Features:

Amazing Skins

Customize the look of your IncrediMail. Find something for every style.

Sender ID

Assign a different Email Notifier to each of your contacts!

Voice Recorder

Include your own voice message in your emails for a special personal touch.

Special Bonus!

Get a special surprise bonus pack with extra Animations, Letters & Notifiers!

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